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HandG WitchHunters the search for the lost child by oOSetsunaOo
HandG WitchHunters the search for the lost child
Slowly but surely all the photos they took of our wonderful group are the meanwhile, here's a group shot with Hansel, Gretel & Mina while they're looking for a missing girl...we all know it's Muriel's fault don't we??

Left to right: Hansel: me Gretel :icondeednoxious: Mina :iconsharidyon:

credits to the photographer :)…
Hansel and Gretel WitchHunters by oOSetsunaOo
Hansel and Gretel WitchHunters
While we are waiting for the official photos from our shooting at Lucca2015, here's a pic somebody took while we were walking around Lucca :)

Left to right: Hansel: me Gretel :icondeednoxious: Muriel :iconmaddmorgana:
Hansel and Gretel WitchHunters group shot by oOSetsunaOo
Hansel and Gretel WitchHunters group shot
After looooong time, I'm back on the cosplay scene with a project I've been craving to bring to life, 'cause I love Hansel&Gretel's movie..this is just the first of the many photos they took of our group.
Much more to come, we spent a wonderful day shooting in a fabulous place in Lucca, I hope you like them as we loved wearing our costumes!!

Left to right: Muriel  :iconmaddmorgana: Mina :iconsharidyon: Gretel :icondeednoxious: Hansel =me :P

credits to the photographer :)
Hi there my dear followers/watchers!!!
I know, I know.....I'm not a great journal user, but sometimes I find it hard to put down feelings and emotions and share them around...
Let's see...where may I begin from?...
Mmm...well this 2011 that is going to leave us in a very short time gave me quite a good amount of satisfactions, surprises and confirmations...
On the cosplay side I had sooo many satisfactions this year (but I do believe I could have done some of my things bettere..will work to improve more and more nxet year!!), I met new friends, got closer to other friends and learnt that I'm lucky to have them with me, because thanks to them I've never felt first of all, a huge thank you to :iconaurarinoa: , :iconfedericadn: , :iconbl0ody4ngel: , :iconsara-araujo: , :iconfalketta: and the new entries :icongattomannaro: (you know you're special G), :icongothicmary-chan: for every single word, smile, hug or whatever you gave to me!! It will be given back to all of you 10 times (yeah, I'm quoting Kamina, but I won't die XD)...
Well then...I have to say that my cosplay year couldn' t have begun in a better way...unfortunately I couldn't go to the usual Cartoomics convention in March in Milan due to lack of funds >.< but I was lucky that they decided to have another con in Rome the week after so I showed up there with my Castlevania SOTN (best Castlevania evah XD) AlucardxMaria couple along with :iconbl0ody4ngel: , who was of course my Maria Renard XD.. it's my own opinion, but Alucard is up to now the best costume I've ever had, and I have to thank :iconfalketta: (check her our she's great!!! also visit her site-> ) for bringing my dreams to life as usual!!
Well, I was in awe when I saw how gorgeous Liz looked in her Maria outfit, even if she hates Maria's wig (yeah, you do look a bit weird with that blonde tone XD but who cares :P), and probably the rest of the audience thought the same...we were very appreciated and finally we won the Best Fantasy prize for our skit (you can find it here:… )...this was the first time a couple I participated in went on stage (I always had problems with my companions...) and we also won!!! Yayy...I didn't expect it when they called us on stage to give us the prize, but the best part was the happiness that Liz showed running back on the stage (where I was stading on my own 'cause she disappeared to go somewhere else when they called us XD) and hugging me tight...that was even better than the prize, I swear!!!
Next satisfaction came when the organization of Comicon, Naples cosplay event, asked me to be one of the judges of their contest...unluckily I had to decline a few days before 'cause I had problems at home and I couldn't leave to join them...
Then, as usual, came the moment of jumping on an airplane and joining again my beloved Sicilian faaaaamily for Cospladya (link: which is growing faster and faster every year...I'm so proud of :iconaurarinoa: and the rest of the crew!!
This year I decided to participate as a single contestant to Romics (the con where they choose the Italian representants for WCS) and I also convinced :iconfedericadn: to participate as a single contestant too with her awesome Silmeria choice fell on Sanada Yukimura for Sengoku basara (for those who don't know it XD), which was quite hated by :iconfalketta: because I asked her to do the red parts of the costume in PVC, and she hates it XD (sorry, but this time it was justified)....well, the results spoke for everything else...:iconfedericadn: won Best Female, and I...well..didn't expect even to pass through the selections but I was chosen as Best Male costume (yay for Sanada XD)...I couldn't even believe it, specially for how I was called on stage...:iconfedericadn: left before the end of the con 'cause she had to go back home in Bergamo (about 600 km from Rome) so she asked me to call her when they began to give the results as she was curious to know...and she didn't believe me when I told her she'd won the Best Female until I passed her over to the speaker which actually managed to shut her up (it's very hard believe me XD) telling her she won in front of the audience XD (you can see it here:… it will probably be remembered as the first time a cosplayer is awarded via mobile phone XD - damn, something else you're first in again sis XD) and as I was getting back in the audience to follow the remaining awards I thought I heard calling my name out, but I still was on the phone with Federica so I thought I was wrong..but I stopped on top of the stairs when they called me again and turned around, telling them it was me....XD never thought that would happen, a very strange feeling went through me :P but well...I'm the best for at least one year XD also...I would like to compliment with :iconaurarinoa: and :iconddark79: for their Best Performance award (you deserve it) and :icongattomannaro: for her Best Group with her wonderful Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland group!!! ♥_____♥
After Romics...Lucca's cyclone came as every year..I was really happy this year because for the first time me and :iconaurarinoa: would have been in groups together in a huge Star Ocean group, where she cosplayed as Myurya and I (even if I have to work to improve it a lot) as Crowe, along with other 20 friends which covered Star Ocean 2, 3 and Last Hope...well...great experience as usual with them, and we won Best Videogame Group!!!
No more events until next March I suppose XD and not many new cosplays next year...if I count ehm, I would probably say 3, if not 2 :P
Reason? I have a huge project running for Romics and WCS together with :iconfedericadn: (yeah we did it, she convinced me to go with her XD), so it will probably suck me away completely for the entire year, so I have to keep low with other ideas...along with this huge project there will be a shooting (yeah only a shooting no con XD) with :iconfedericadn: as Alexiel from Angel Sanctuary (of course XD) and Lucifer (yay for PVC again XD)'s going to be fun to be Lord of Hell for once XD..the other costume is rather easy and confortable...I'v decided to cosplay the adult version of Simon fro Gurren Lagann, so to have some more pics with the best Yoko I've ever known, my lovely :iconaurarinoa:, and of course I hope to have a decent shooting with my Sanada Yukimura cosplay, and I have asked :icongattomannaro: to be with me as Nouhime, 'cause she is absolutely wonderful in her clothes!!
Well..this is all for now (wow, it's quite long for a journal entry XD, if you got here I bow to your endeavour XD)

Peace out!!
  • Mood: Pride
  • Reading: I Regni di Nashira
  • Watching: a lot of different animes XD
  • Playing: back on Guild Wars on PC XD
  • Drinking: Waterrrrrrrrrrrrrr XD - as usual hahaha


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